Light of Christ Church Woodlands provides pastoral support and care to Christ Church Secondary School. The chaplaincy team, headed by Reverend William Tham, is based in the school’s Drop-in Centre and comprises of 4 pastoral / chaplaincy staff.  The chaplaincy team seeks to provide pastoral care and ministry to students, teachers, school leaders and parents of all faiths and also those with none.

We are actively involved in the school’s life. Some shared ministries include Morning Reflection, Chapel Service, Prayer Groups, Christian Fellowship, the Boys’ Brigade 11 th Coy and Girls’ Brigade 18 th  Coy.  The Drop-in Centre is open during school operational hours and is a place for rest, games, and hearty conversations between staff and students.  Musical instruments and music clinics are also offered to all students who visit the Drop-in Centre.

Students who are interested to explore the Christian faith and to know more about the parish are invited to celebrate God’s Love with us at our Saturday, LIT Youth Service,3pm at the Drop- in Centre.

Boys’ Brigade  

The objective of the Boys’ Brigade is the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among teenage boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect that will reflect the best qualities of a Christian man.

The 11th Coy is currently headed by Captain Foo Jia Ming from our parish.  The chaplains of the Company are Reverend William Tham and Paul Molina, OSL (Assistant Chaplain).

Girls’ Brigade 

The objective of the Girls’ Brigade to help teenage girls become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through reverence, self-control and a sense of responsibility to find proven enrichment of life.

The 18th Coy is currently headed by Captain Yvonne Nga from our parish.  Reverend William Tham, as the chaplain, has spiritual oversight over the Company.

Christian Fellowship 

The Christian Fellowship is a Club where students are inspired, with Our Heavenly Father God as their enabler, to be the best they can be.

Ms. Sarah Oh, a parishioner in our Chinese congregation, is the Teacher-in-Charge.  Reverend John Sim, a retired priest of the Diocese and former pastor of the parish, assists Ms. Oh in the development of the CCA.

School Chapel Service 

The School Chapel Service is celebrated every Friday during School Term.  The Chapel Service is directed at the heart, mind, and spirit of the CHRian and seeks to instill in them holistic character, provide spiritual, and pastoral guidance, direction and transformation.

Morning Reflection 

The chaplaincy prepares the daily morning reflections that teachers, chaplaincy workers, and parish staff assist to deliver.  The biblical reflections are offered in accord with the general themes of the school values.  Students are encouraged to share their experience of the Word of God too.

Boys’ Brigade

School Leaders’ Investiture

School Leaders’ Investiture

Girls’ Brigade

Anglican Schools’ Chaplaincy Tea Gathering

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